Assessement and print management

Despite the age of digital communications, printed output continues to drive business processes in many organisations today. This reliance on paper comes at a high cost—financial and environmental—including the inherent security risks of unsecured paper output, which are even more of a concern in today’s age of compliance and governance. Once considered the last bastion of unaudited costs, an uncontrolled print environment is now recognised as a financial and productivity drain. MPS has emerged as a way to introduce efficiencies in the print environment through device consolidation, ongoing management and document workflow solutions to support business processes. Our APS partner network can perform an accurate study on the company printer and copier infrastructure and consult on how it should be adapted, enhanced and structured to reduce running and administartions costs and improve the return on the hardware investments.


Cost savings, better ROI, efficiency gainings, cost control and predictability.

Site Audit, Jet Advice, Kpax,FM Audit.

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Assessment and Fleet Management

It is not easy to rationalize your fleet of printing and copying hardware. Faced with hardware from different suppliers and a range of contracts, it can be hard to see the big picture clearly enough to make confident decisions. Matching your printing needs to outsourcing programs like “Cost per click”, “Pay per use”, or “All inclusive Copy” is complicated by hidden and unexpected costs, or varying feature sets. And there are organisational challenges too. Any contract has to meet the needs of IT, purchasing and general services at least.

Our expertise, your advantage

Making the most of your printing hardware starts with a deep understanding of your printing environment and your users’ printing behaviour. Armed with this information, you can evaluate the true value to your organization of reorganizing your infrastructure, or changing to outsourced printing. Your local APS partner can help you capture and evaluate the datas, as well as designing improved printing processes and streamlined document workflows.

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