Workflow and Document Management

Managing information around the office is an increasingly difficult task. There are even more reasons to incorporate paper-based information into your document amangement system , as well as pressures to maintain security and minimise the need for storage space. Our APS partner network can help you master the complexity with smart, flexible and highly configurable, yet easy to use solutions to capture and process paper documents electronically.


Business process efficiency, paperless office, cost savings, compliancy, security, employee efficiency

Nsi Autostore Alfresco Abbyy Ad hoc development based on devices SDK’s. (scanback, PDF/A, )

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Document Workflow

Business relies heavily on distributing documents. Quick and convenient access to usable information can make the difference between success and failure. The risks of compromising sensitive data are often underestimated too.

Too often, inconsistent filing frustrates easy retrieval, or documents are lost in transfer around the company. Particularly with the increasing pressure of complying with government regulations, long-term storage of documents is eating up expensive floor space. And when it comes to archives, deterioration in documentation quality not only destroys the value of the information, it can become a legal issue too.

Effective and efficient

Your local APS Partner can provide several tailored approaches to making document-based processes effective and automating document workflows. These can help you
  • comply with regulations,
  • ensure only the right people get access to the information they need,
  • make it easier for them to meet customer expectations. 
This can help improve revenue performance, cut costs, and ensure the return on your investment.

Please contact your local partner for success stories around Europe