Secure Printing and Job Accounting

Despite the critical role that networked printers and copiers play in supporting document workflow and business processes, organisations often ignore that cost savings and business efficiencies do not stop with a Managed Print Services adoption. By adopting Secure and Pull Printing Solutions they can reduce IT costs, improve document security and cut paper and energy usage. Reduced energy and paper consumption is achieved through better utilisation of existing devices and by identifying hard copy print that could be substituted or eliminated. Our APS partner network can provide a range of Secure and Pull Print Solutions to suit any situation and printing environment by providing as well integration into more comprehensive print accounting or auditing solutions.


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Safecom Equitrac

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Secure and Pull Printing

Secure printing for confidential information

Today printers are rarely personal devices. But this has not removed people’s need to print documents which cannot or should not be shared. Running to the printer after sending a document, to be there when it emerges from the printer, is not always practical or reliable. Not to mention the risk of data being “hacked” on its way through the network to the printer.
Shared printers can also result in wasted paper, either because users send print jobs to the wrong printer, or forget them and never collect them.

These are new costs that may be overlooked in planning a more cost- effective printing environment
The picture is complicated by the need for further information on copying, scanning, scanning to e-mail, and faxing on multifunction devices.

New solutions for new challenges

Consolidation has meant moving away from personal and on to networked printers. But even if the printers are shared, some documents need to be kept private. And to make the most of the saving potential of a consolidated infrastructure, print waste should be kept to a minimum,
by making sure hard copy neither gets lost on the network or left at the printer. Secure printing solutions from you local APS partner help with these, and further security issues.

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