APS Partner

APS-International GmbH is the largest independent organization coordinating a network of 20 partners in EMEA specialized into developing, distributing and implementing Software Solutions and professional services for the Office Printing market.

Our goal is to deliver world class solutions, consultancy and services which support users of printers and multi-function devices, regardless of brand.

APS partner network is able to offer a range of services on the following areas:

1. Software integration:

All software need to dialogue with the legacy customer applications. APS international provide integration services as a key part of the offering.

2. Software Development:

APS partners have access to major vendor platforms SDKís to develop add onís or plug-inís to ensure full integrations of the printing devices in the customer application environment.

3. Customization:

Very often packaged solutions need to be customized to ensure full integration in the customer application and/or processes.

4. Deployment and Support:

The deployment and support of software applications is a key step in the implementation and maintenance process to ensure that customer requirements are completely satisfied.

5. Assessment Services:

A complete assessment of the office printing environment is the first step towards implementing a complete re-designs of the processes and of the printing policies of any company. It starts from the hardware deployment to document security,employee productivity and environmental impact.

6. Other services:

Upon customer request structure ad-hoc consulting practices are available around the Office Printing Environment.