APS has signed an agreement with XEROX


APS has signed an agreement with XEROX

Xerox is the office printing pioneer and a proven and trusted source for digital solutions.  It should be no surprise that Xerox is today empowering today’s mobile professionals with the freedom, security, and simplicity of printing jobs from ANY smartphone device.  So what is the value to you, IT, and your customers???

Simple and Convenient mobile printing -- send from any device when you do not have your computer available.  No need to have to email your documents to your customer, colleagues, or administrative support to print your important documents.   Xerox increases your mobile productivity with Mobil Print.

Secure. With Mobile Print, you can maintain control over your mobile documents by sending to a single address and retrieving them at your MFP of choice.  No need to worry about those important documents sitting in view of everyone to see.  Print securely and easily without depending on others to print for you.

Versatile Mobile printing, print MS Office docs, PDF etc…  Stop refusing to print because you do not have your PC available.  Mobile Print can enable you to print reports, spreadsheets, quotes and Power Point slide presentations on more productive devices, not your expensive home office device.